Christina Pautsch
Strategic Design for
Digital Human Growth

Making The GDPR (Somewhat) Fun

DataGuard provides ‚data protection officers as a service‘ to SMEs. In their early days, I helped them design their first customer experience. For most SMEs, data protection is an annoying topic. That‘s why we wanted to put a positive spin on it, taking the customer by the hand through the complex GDPR audit process that all new customers have to go through. After analysing the first version of the service process, we redesigned it from the customer‘s perspective and developed multiple touchpoints, such as a gamified learning app, online training and a physical binder, to help customers navigate through GDPR in a pleasant and easy way. Today, DataGuard has 250 employees in 3 countries and has raised over €80 million in funding.

The customer onboarding process
Touchpoints of the customer experience