Christina Pautsch
Strategic Design for
Digital Human Growth

Designing Digital Psychotherapy

HelloBetter provides evidence-based psychotherapy trainings online to help people improve their mental health at scale. I worked with the science team on the experience design of their CBT-based stress training to make it as engaging as possible. It served as a blueprint for the design of subsequent trainings for other conditions, such as sleep, depression or panic.

Based on scientific and ethnographic research, we created a story arc for the training and broke it down into easily digestible units that used cognitive-behavioural techniques and combined education with practical action. In parallel to the instructional design, I worked with the product team on the UX of the platform, designing the main user flows and defining the core features of the patient experience.

Today, the trainings are approved as medical devices and part of the standard of care in Germany. They consistently receive high NPS scores from patients and very positive reviews.