Christina Pautsch
Strategic Design for
Digital Human Growth


According to my mom, I’ve always been a little different. And I think it’s pointless to deny that she is right. Born and raised in a mid-sized town in East Germany as the daughter of a photographer and a teacher, I was imbued with a sense of the creative and the human from the cradle. In my quest for a life path, I learned that fitting into boxes was a prerequisite for being taken seriously. Not that I wanted to be taken all too seriously. Just enough to get through life like a pro. 

After a long journey through different jobs, I had to come to terms with the fact that I my head likes to play with business, my heart loves deep human stuff and my hands constantly tinker with art. So I did what any reasonable person would do — I concocted my own profession. Over the years, the intersection of digital innovation and human development have become my little corner of expertise. For the past 10+ years, I have been building learning and change experiences along with digital business models in order to bring traditional human services into the digital realm.

As Director of Product at iversity, the first European MOOC platform, I worked with organizations such as the WWF, the European Commission and the Global Labour University on high-scaling online courses that would allow tens of thousands of people to adopt hands-on skills to shape the world for the better. As a Strategic Designer, I’ve helped various start-ups as well as grown-ups like Henkel, Weleda or Deutsche Telekom to build new ventures in the human development field.

My work blends UX design, pedagogy and behavioral science with innovation strategy and business modeling to create human-centric solutions with systemic impact. I hold a Master’s in Media Studies, a Bachelor’s in Cultural Studies, am a Certified Coach (ICI), and an alumni of the UnSchool of Disruptive Design trained by Dr. Leyla Acaroglou.

When I’m not working on work things, you may find me writing my second book, experiment with new AI technologies or learn for my studies in Analytical Psychology at the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich. Also, I’m a passionate traveler who became hopelessly smitten with the Amazon rainforest.