Christina is an Experience Designer who makes people learn, act and grow.

I help companies create digital products that aim at learning, empowerment or behavior change. Think education, healthcare or sustainability – mainly online, always with fun.


Together we explore the strategic objective of your project and define it’s value proposition.

Instructional Design

We find the right learning formats and engagement mechanics to get your people to the goal.

Experience Design

I make sure the interaction with the content is easy and joyful at every touchpoint.

Content Development

Together with subject matter experts, I create engaging content from start to finish.

Fields of Work

The projects I unsually do fall in one of four categories.
(However, happy to create a fifth one if needed.)

Learning & Development

I support organisations in the development of hybrid and online programs that foster engagement and growth amongst employees and drive organisational change. 

Education Technology

Online course platforms are changing the way we learn. I support EdTech start-ups and corporate academies in finding their own approach to digital learning.


I support digital healthcare providers in the development of behavior and information-based healthcare products that change people’s lives for the better.

Customer Success

Some products are so complex that customers need guidance using them. I find ways to convey rocket science in a lightweight form to onboard customers quickly.


Here are some projects that I enjoyed working on.

Supporting Young Parents

How might we support young parents in topics they are afraid to discuss openly? That was a question I tackled with Weleda, the global brand for natural cosmetics. We developed a product and content strategy and collaborated with a well established parenting blog that we gave a new spin.

Empowering for Sustainability

How can we empower our 50k employees to embrace sustainability? That was the question of a global FMCG companiy, who I helped to develop several engagement formats, e.g. a hybrid programme on sustainable busines innovation.

Digital Psychotherapy

HelloBetter provides mental health trainings online based on cognitive-behavioral therapy. I supported them in their product development by shaping the instructional design and UX of the trainings.

Joyful Data Privacy

How can we make the GDPR suck less for SMEs? That was a question I tackeld for the legal tech company DataGuard. As part of the process I redesigned their customer experience and created a gamified learning app that would teach data privacy fundamentals in a Tinder-style way.

Better Studying

How can we improve the study experience of university students? That was the question of the EdTech company We explored different learning modes of students, prototyped various product ideas and crafted a product strategy that would inform the company how to move forward.
Better Tutoring

How can we make tutoring for highschool students a better experience? I helped the EdTech company Spreaducation answer this question by working out a new product strategy and designing a mobile app that would improve the communication between tutors and students.

Social Learning

How can we make online learning less lonely? That was one of my guiding questions as product lead of iversity. My answer was a social learning experience that seized the learner community for collaborative, project-based learning.

Story-based Learning

Why is it so easy to watch a Netflix series and so hard to do an online course? At iversity, that question troubled me, so I kicked off the production of a project-based online course on Agile Management, that was narrated like a movie. We produced 90 minutes of fictional video with a tiny team and quite a small budget.

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Christina Pautsch

For the past 12 years I have been designing learning and engagement experiences for various start-ups, grown-ups and non-profit organisations. Before freelancing, I was the Director of Product at the online learning platform iversity. I hold a Master’s in media studies, have a methodological background in UX, trained as a certified coach (ICI) and have done extensive training in sustainability and social innovation.

Say hello!

Feel free to shoot me a message. I love hearing about new projects or ideas for collaboration. If you prefer sending a postcard, this is my office address:

Choriner Str. 57, 10437 Berlin, Germany

+49 (0)179 943 53 66

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