I work with founders and corporate change makers in the field of learning, health and mindest change on systemic solutions that support humans at scale to make a shift for the better.

My Focus Areas

As an experience strategist, I address both product design and business design, so that the right solution gets build that is effective for the users and viable for the company.


Design for Change

Digital product experiences for human development that work just as effective as face-to-face interactions


Venture Building

Business models and execution strategies for transformation ventures that generate systemic impact

I’m usually hired for use cases, in which understanding, skill building and behaviour change are the critical factors of a digital experience.

Digital therapeutics (DTx) and digital prevention products

Learning platforms, online courses and digital academies

Organisational Change

Corporate learning programmes for mindset change at scale


Customer experiences for complex products and services

As humans, we have an innate desire to grow and learn. Facilitating transformation through the use of technology is a great opportunity of our time, as in can bring support into every corner of life.

About me

Digital innovation and human development are my jam. For the past 10+ years, I have been working for different ventures aiming to make people learn, heal and grow at scale. As Director of Product at iversity, the first European MOOC platform, I created digital learning experiences that would allow tens of thousands of people to adopt hands-on skills to change the world. As an independent consultant, I’ve helped various other start-ups and grown-ups build new ventures in education and healthcare.

My work blends UX design, pedagogy and behavioral science with innovation strategy and business modeling to create human-centric solutions with systemic impact that foster inner transformation at scale.

I hold a Masters in Media Studies, I’m a Certified Coach (ICI), trained in various strategic design methods and currently a student at the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich to explore the deeper forces of human transformation.

What I do

I usually come in when new products are incubated, when new ventures look for direction or when it is time to update the product strategy.

Market & User Research

Conducting comprehensive market and user research to gather insights, ensuring the solutions meet specific audience needs.

Learning & Engagement Experience

Designing engaging user experiences with a focus on human motivation, adherence and personal rewards.

Product Strategy 

Developing innovative, future-proof product strategies for impactful systemic solutions, aligned with copany opbjectives.

MVP Developmet 

Prototyping and MVP building by prioritizing essential features, enabling efficient market validation and iterative improvement.

Business Modelling

Creating scalable and sustainable business models for digital learning, lifestyle and healthcare ventures.

Investment Pitch

Crafting persuasive investment pitches that get investors and other stakeholders excited about the venture.

Reasons to work with me



I made the mistakes already, so you don’t have to make them.



Ship your product faster with a serial innovator by your side.



Get a validated product that works for humans and for the business.



Playfulness is the mother of all innovations. So let’s enjoy the ride!

Project Examples

Here are some projects I worked on showcasing the spectrum of my work.

Artificial Intelligence for Psychotherapy

How might we use AI to solve the mental health crisis? I helped the digital health company HelloBetter answer that question by running a process for a new product strategy that included latest developments in neurotech, machine learning and sensor technologies.

Supporting Young Parents

How might we build a relationship with Gen Y parents? That was a question I tackled with the natural cosmetics company Weleda. It resulted in the concept for a content platform on parenting including business model and content strategy.

Sustainability Empowerment

How might we bring our 50,000 employees up to speed in sustainability? That was a question I tackled for a global FMCG company. With a team of designers, we developed a change strategy and various scalable engagement formats that would not just convey knowledge, but build skill and mindset around sustainable business.

Better Studying

How can we improve the study experience of university students? That was the question of the EdTech company charly.education. We explored different learning modes of students, prototyped various product ideas and crafted a product strategy that would inform the company how to move forward.

DTx for Mental Health

HelloBetter provides mental health DTx (DiGA) based on cognitive-behavioral therapy. I supported them in their product development by shaping the instructional design and user experience of the programmes. Today, they are part of the German standard of care and covered by every health insurance.

Better Tutoring

How can we make tutoring for highschool students a better experience? I helped the EdTech company Spreaducation answer this question by working out a new product strategy and designing a mobile app that would improve the communication between tutors and students.

Online Academy for Social Impact

How can we help NGOs professionalise their skills on social impact online? That was the question I worked on with a non-profit consultancy during the concept phase for their online academy. During the collaboration, we developed a curriculum as well as a pilot online course together.

Joyful Data Privacy

How can we make the GDPR suck less for SMEs? That was a question I tackeld for the legal tech company DataGuard. As part of the process I redesigned their customer experience and created a gamified learning app that would teach data privacy fundamentals in a Tinder-style way.

Agile Management

How can we teach mindset-shift at scale through an online training that is as engaging as a Netflix series? That was a question I tackled as product lead of iversity. Together with Safari Consulting we developed an online course that was narrated like a fictional movie, but also project-based ike an MBA class. The course turned out to be a flagship project for iversity, as it challenged the status-quo of the online course experience.


Located in Berlin, available anywhere.


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